“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
– Edmund Burke

You want to be a great mom, have a fulfilling career & truly enjoy your life


I totally get it.  That was me. And I didn’t believe that I could have it all. I did, however, believe that I had to do it all. Trying to do it all was overwhelming, exhausting and defeating. It is a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and decisions. Inspired by my own struggles with balancing motherhood and a professional engineering career (and not even enjoying either), I am now a Certified Life Coach. I want to help you not only balance your life but thoroughly ENJOY it. Motherhood, working, being a wife, dog owner, house owner (or whatever it is that you are) DOESN’T HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL AND EXHAUSTING. I know through experience, that feeling anxious, guilty and overwhelmed doesn’t help yourself, your children, your family or your career.

Tracy’s Professional Bio

Tracy McArthur is a Professional Engineer and Certified Life Coach. Tracy was inspired to become a life coach after her own struggles with balancing motherhood and a professional career.

Tracy graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in 2005 and obtained a Master’s of Science in Engineering in 2011. She spent six years in the consulting industry practicing Water Resource Engineering mostly in the mining industry. After having children, she realized that full time consulting was not what she wanted and began a path of discovery and found life coaching. Tracy is now a Certified Life Coach and continues to work part-time as a consulting engineer and as a sessional lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan.

As a life coach, Tracy believes that everyone deserves to feel good, and when people feel great, it ripples out to everyone around them, especially their work, family and children. She helps uncover the root cause of her client’s problem by bringing awareness to their thoughts and how those thoughts affect their actions and results. Uncovering the root cause allows her client’s to experience permanent change. Tracy offers one-on-one coaching, as well as, group workshops and presentations. She is most passionate about helping women regain their personal power which allows them to be fully present with their work, family and children.



Five Random Things About Tracy

1. My middle name is Joy, after my mother.

2. My second was born at home in our bed with just my husband and I present….all by accident. We loved it!

3. My favorite colors are green and purple, food is Mexican, movie is Dirty Dancing, season is fall.

4. I’m a Professional Engineer, Certified Life Coach and energy practitioner.

5. I love my tea, essential oils, garden, down duvet, and of course my beautiful family.