“Being a mother makes you the ultimate entrepreneur. ” – Kate Northrup

My sessional lecturing contract is done for another year, and as always, it was amazing being part of my student’s journey through their engineering career. I’m so grateful and honored for those opportunities.

Now, I’d like to turn my attention back to my TracyJoy work.

I love how this TracyJoy work is, in itself, a physical manifestation of my desire to understand, practice and teach the balance and cyclical nature of masculine and feminine energy. This work is so much about giving and receiving, resting and doing, intuition and logic, flexibility and stability, weakness and strength, inward and outward.

But, what exactly can you expect next from my TracyJoy work…I’m not sure.

In the past, it would be hard for me to say, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” I takes courage to surrender into uncertainty and to share that vulnerability with people. But right now, I’m shifting more into my feminine energy (which is feeling really good right now since I was predominately in my masculine energy while teaching my engineering classes). I am embracing the unknown. I’m following my intuition and internal guidance. And my body is literally at the most feminine it can be; it’s nurturing and preparing for the birth of our third child.

Which brings me back to the quote at the beginning.

I used to believe that I couldn’t (or it was extremely hard to) combine motherhood and work. What I’m realizing is that this believe was born out of my ignorance of the importance of honoring the cyclical nature of the masculine and feminine energies.

What I do know about my TracyJoy work is that I will be sharing my perspectives, ideas, knowledge, and stories as I journey through my desire to learn more about and practice honoring my natural cycles and balancing the energies I experience both inside and outside.

With love and compassion,