What if the entire purpose of life was to experience. Just experience. Period.

I kinda like this thought.


Firstly, if this was the case, then there are no good or bad or perfect or imperfect experiences. Everything is just an experience. We don’t have to wait for something better or dread our current life situation because the whole point of life is to experience what we’re experiencing.


Secondly, then we would appreciate every single moment a little bit more. Why? Because the only time that we can ever experience something is in this very moment. We can’t experience it 5 years from now, or 5 minutes for that matter. We try. We often recreate a past moment in our minds, but the recreation is not the true moment. It’s a mind projected moment. The recreation contains only the things that you remember from that moment. And the most important thing is that while you are recreating it, you are not experiencing the present moment. You’re not living your life purpose, which is to experience.


I’ve been trying this thought out for a while now, and I like it.

I’ve stopped (1) putting pressure on myself, (2) comparing myself to others, and (3) always wanting something different than what I’ve got. I’ve started (1) staying in the moment, (2) being grateful for whatever I experience, and (3) releasing the stress and anxiety.


It’s a new little mantra of mine “My purpose is to experience. Period.”


Give it a try. See how it feels. And please feel free to let me know how it goes.


With love and compassion,