“Ask for help. Not because you are weak. But because you want to remain strong.” -Les Brown

I absolutely love so many things about my life situation right now, that:
• This spirit baby chose us as his/her family;
• I can feel life move inside my body (the coolest thing ever);
• I get to be with my kids most of the time;
• I don’t have to work in a stuffy, stressful office all day;
• I have freedom to do activities that suit my kids and I;
• My family is healthy;
• My husband has a great job that financially supports us;
• Among so many other things.
But if I was being honest, I’m kind of suck in victim mode today not liking a lot of things too.
I hate that I don’t have energy to play as much with the kids, to keep the house clean and in order, and to even go grocery shopping enough to feed my family healthy food. I hate that I can’t bend forward when it feels like that’s the majority of what I have to do around here to clean up after the boys. I also feel like a burden to my family in that I’m not contributing financially to our household because I’m in limbo, thinking like I can’t really start anything new since I don’t have any energy and I’ll be having a baby in like 8 weeks.
I’m telling you all this for two reasons:
1. The first reason I’m telling you is because I would really appreciate your support.
I need some perspective for my mind….and that’s okay. Please tell me that everything will be fine…that my energy will come back…that my house doesn’t need to be the way we would normally keep it…that my kids aren’t starving… that it’s okay that my kids watch a ton of TV and play on the Ipad…that I’m doing the best that I can. Seriously, if you feel called to say something to me, you can email me, post a comment on my Facebook page or tell me in person.
2. The second reason that I’m telling you is to remind you that seeking support is absolutely necessary for a healthy joyful life.
Sometimes, we just need reassurance from outsides sources, even though we intellectually know that the most important reassurance comes from within. We are not on this planet surrounded by other people, nature, animals, Spirits, etc to just “figure it out on our own”. We are meant to co-create, support each other, have compassion for each other, accept each other for exactly where they are in their lives. It’s such a beautiful thing when we actually practice it.

So, are there any aspects of your life situation in which you can ask for support?
Are you trying to do it all alone?
It’s much easier to ask for support when you accept where you are in your life without judgement.
My favorite thing lately is finishing my sentences with….”and that’s okay”. Try it.

With gratitude and compassion,